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Cooking Master Boy - S1: Episode 5


Destroy Old Tradition

Mao, Sanche and Meili open up a store to attract customers away from Yang’s Spring Restraunt. They make ‘stir fry capsicum and pork strips’, but want to add something else to create a unique flavour. As the night wears on, Meili gets frustrated and kicks a tree, making all the ripe ‘chi’ (a type of fruit) fall to the ground. Mao gets an idea to use the ‘chi’ as the special flavour they needed.

The next day, Yang’s Spring restraunt is empty thanks to the store Mao and the gang made. Mao chops the vegetables, Sanche stir frys the dish and Meili serves it to customers making them the ultimate team. Choyu and Ruoh find out about Mao’s store and goes to have a little taste test. They are so amazed at the short amount of time they took to make this new delicious dish that they allow Sanche back into the restraunt.

Sanche, happy Mao had helped him, got his confidence back in chopping vegetables and again leaves for Shanghai where his father’s restraunt is. Mao tries to stop him after reading Sanche’s leave note but is too late.

May. 25, 1997

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