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Mobile Suit Gundam 00 - S1: Episode 22



As Lockon recovers from his injuries, the UN Army announces its plan to destroy the Gundams, “Operation Fallen Angel”. The HRL’s Choubu Squadron continues to harass the exhausted Trinity siblings. Observing on Ptolemaios, the Meisters wonder if they must be destroyed to finally end war. Setsuna rejects this notion, stating that the actions of both the Thrones and the U.N. have only escalated the conflict, not solved it, and that the Gundams should stand for the eradication of armed conflict. Setsuna, wanting to learn the true purpose of the Gundams and following Lockon’s suggestion that the HRL’s attacks on Team Trinity require armed intervetion on Celetial Being’s part, goes down to Earth with Lasse in the GN Arms. Meanwhile, Ali deceives Team Trinity and hijacks Throne Zwei after killing Michael, then destroys Throne Eins killing Johann along with it. Ali prepares to finish off Nena, but Setsuna arrives and engages in melee combat with Ali in the Throne Zwei. On the Moon, Alejandro gains control of Veda and discovers Aeolia in cryostasis. Taking out a golden gun, Alejandro fires repeatedly into the capsule, but his actions set off a system trap. The trap unlocks the ‘Trans-Am System’ on the four original Gundams, giving them access to the full power and capabilities of their GN Drives. Using the capabilities unlocked by the new system, Setsuna soundly cripples Throne Zwei, forcing Ali to retreat in hysteria.

Mar. 08, 2008

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